‘I don’t feel appreciated’

Appreciation is an integral part of any relationship whether it be platonic or romantic.
It is often an element in many relationships that gets overlooked and therefore many times unrecognised. Over time in a partnership you can grow more unappreciative of one another’s efforts to maintain your relationship. Many view it as an effort that is no longer necessary, this can create a strain on your partnership. If this issue is left unaddressed it can grow into resentment to one another, if one partner feels as though they are not receiving enough appreciation for their efforts.
As with many issues that arise in a relationship, appreciation is no exception in how intertwined it is with communication. Communicating your appreciation for your partner and their actions and vice versa is key in maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. If one or both of you in a relationship are not investing enough time and attention to one another it can lead to you or your partner feeling neglected. With time, many things can take priority over the appreciation of your partner, whether it be work or children. It is important to realise how small verbal communication can be in improving your gratitude for one another. Seemingly small steps like verbal praise/gratitude can enable you both to open up again and make each other feel less neglected. 


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