The Relationship and Marriage Specialist



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Couple counselling1 Hour£70.00
Individual counselling 1 Hour£60.00
Intensive Couple counselling2 Hours£130.00
Intensive Individual counselling2 Hours£100.00

Central London Fees

Couple counselling1 Hour£110.00
Individual counselling1 Hour£80.00
Intensive Couple counselling 2 Hours£200.00
Intensive Individual counselling2 Hours£140.00

Session Type


Couple and Individual sessionsThese last for 1 hour and will enable you to see how your therapist works and what therapy can offer you in terms of moving forward with your relationship.

Intensive Couple and Individual sessionsFor couples whose marriage or relationship is in crisis or at breaking point. In those 2 hours, the therapist will work with either you individually or you as a couple to explore how the crisis came about and how to find a way forward.

Practice Hours

Monday to Friday8am - 9pm
Saturday9am - 9pm
Sunday9am - 9pm

Relationship in CRISIS?  Feeling STUCK?   Need HELP now?

Our Intensive session will help you discover what your relationship needs and to find a way forward.

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