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How we can help you

Here at Relationship Counselling, we understand that deciding to seek help for yourself, your relationship or marriage can be a difficult decision especially if one of you is reluctant. But once you have made the step to come to counselling, you will find that our therapists are welcoming and non-judgemental making it easier for you to talk about the issues that are troubling you or your relationship.

Below are just some of the issues that we can help you with.

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Affairs and betrayals

Affairs and betrayals result in a sense of loss. Loss of trust in your partner and your relationship. Anger, frustration, hurt can make communication difficult. Your therapist will help you both to understand and process what has happened so that you can decide whether you wish to continue in the relationship and work on making it stronger or whether to move on with your life.


Experience has shown us that communication is the corner stone of relationships. A lack of communication or misunderstandings can all lead to resentment in a marriage or relationships. We will help you to identify the most effective way to communicate and be heard.

Arguments and conflicts

The therapist will listen to you both equally and be there to help you to communicate in a healthier and more positive way whilst identifying behaviours and patterns that contribute to why conflicts and arguments are present in your relationship.


Clients often report that pornography can feel like infidelity. In the sessions, you will be looking at the reasons behind it and look at the resulting impact it has on your relationship. Behaviours and thought patterns will be identified in order to develop effective strategies that work.

Divorce or separation

Through counselling, you will have a better understanding of how your relationship has broken down and how best to move forward with your lives. The therapist can also help parents who are separating to reach a more amicable place and keep communication open with regards to parenting.

Feeling lonely in your relationship

Learn to understand what your needs are and how to introduce those needs within your marriage or relationship. You may both love each other but the way that you show each other that love may be part of the issue. A better understanding of this will help you both to grow together rather than apart.


Jealousy can, over time, slowly erode a relationship. We would help you to understand what lies behind the jealousy. Whether you feel the jealousy is valid or driven by fear, we would explore it with you to help identify the difference between healthy and unhealthy jealousy. This then results in a stronger and healthier marriage or relationship.

Premarital counselling

Most couples are unaware of the effect that their behaviours, thoughts and life choices have on their partner. Looking at these before getting married or moving in together can help build a stronger foundation for your relationship and so avoid some of the pitfalls that can lead to problems in the future.

Death of a spouse

Losing a loved one can leave us feeling lost and having to deal with many emotions from anger to guilt. Making sense of these feelings and looking at ways of coping with your loss will help you unto the road of healing.


Loss of intimacy or sex can cause problems in a relationship. Many reasons can contribute to this. The familiarity of a long term relationship, lack of communication or built up resentment to name a few. You will learn how to reconnect again and bring intimacy back into your relationship or marriage.

Feeling stuck

You will work together with the therapist to understand how to move forward in your relationship and set some positive goals for the future. How you can successfully achieve these by setting realistic steps towards these goals using your individual strengths within the relationship.

Frequently asked questions:

What happens in therapy?

At the start of the session, the therapist will ask you what you would like to get out of the counselling sessions. Whether it is to reconnect with your partner or look at separation, your therapist will help you look at where your relationship is today and help you move forward in a more positive and healthy way. You will both have the space to talk and listen to one another. Your therapist will also be able to help you to continue to keep your relationship on track in the future.

How many sessions will we need?

This will very much depend on the issues within your relationship. With every session, you will gain more insight into how these issues affect your relationship and how to deal with them. Whether it is looking at communication or how you both lead your daily lives. Applying what has been learnt in the sessions can also impact the number of sessions you need.

How can a counsellor help us when we just argue all the time?

The sessions will give you both an opportunity to each listen to one another whilst the other airs their grievances so that you can have a better understanding of one another. Your counsellor will be able to highlight and reflect back to you both how you communicate and, with further exploration, they will be able to look at the underlying reasons behind your arguments. Once you are aware of this, you can then set about finding ways to communicate in a more respectful way with each other.

I feel very uncomfortable talking about emotions, is there any point in going to therapy?

Talking to someone you have not met before about difficult issues and emotions can be a daunting prospect. But rest assured that our counsellors, as well as being highly experienced and qualified, are warm and approachable, making it easier for you to feel comfortable and at ease in the sessions. They are empathetic and non-judgemental and are there to help you.

My partner and I are at crisis point. Do you think you can help?

Whether you have just discovered that the other has had an affair or your relationship has reached crisis point after a prolonged period of unhappiness, our intensive session will be able to give you both the space and time needed to look at the situation and look at how you reached this crisis point and look at the ways you can both move forward. Whether that is together as a couple or separately.