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I was in complete denial about my porn addiction. I just couldn’t face it I guess as that felt like my only escapism at the time. You really helped me to see what impact it has on my relationship. I am so grateful to have an understanding wife who gave me a chance to change but I could not have done it without your help… I will definitely recommend you.

My husband and I have been married for 19 years and 2 months ago, I told him that I wanted a divorce as I felt that despite trying to get our marriage back on track, we just seemed to be going around in circles. I was always left feeling sad, lonely and helpless. He was the one to suggest therapy and I went, not holding out much hope that anything would change. After just a couple of sessions, I didn’t just see a difference, I felt it. It does take a commitment to change some of our behaviours and the way we talk to each other but the changes that have taken place have made it all worth while. Thank you so much for helping us to be a couple again.


I contacted Relationship Counselling as my wife and I had been having problems for the last year. My job meant that we had to relocate and move country and my wife did not want to move away from her family. After a lot of soul searching and with the help of relationship counselling, we were able to discover that we had rushed into marriage without really knowing what each other wanted in life. Sadly, it turned out that we both wanted different things. Our therapist helped us to understand ourselves better in the process.



The sessions were so different to what I thought therapy would be like. We were both challenged on how we were behaving towards each other and this proved to be a wake up call we needed. Cheers

….right from the first session, I felt we were getting somewhere. I had seen a counsellor a few years ago and was not sure this would help as I did not get much out of therapy before. This has helped me to understand him better and since doing the ‘homework’ 😊, we have seen a big change in how we are with each other. No more walking on eggshells. Thank you.’

3 months ago my wife of 14 years admitted to me that she had had an affair.
The affair was a one off, whilst she was out with friends, but the guilt she had carried around since this took place had been too much for her to not open this up to me.
I love my wife and suggested that we try counselling.
Having talked long and hard about opening up to a third party we decided to try relationship counselling.
This has proved to be a great decision for the both of us. The counsellor does not aportion any blame and works with us to find each other again and to regain the trust that we had for each other when we first got married
The whole counselling experience has been a very worth while and rewarding experience.


“Thank you”

Therapy has had a huge impact on both our lives. To think we might have gone our separate ways if it was not for therapy. It was so nerve racking for both of us as this felt like our last chance but the sessions helped us understand each other better and not being defensive all the time. That was the turning point for us. Thank you so very much!

I had been addicted to porn for the last 8 years and my wife had enough and wanted me to leave. It affected every part of our relationship including our sex life. This was a wake up call for me and I made an appointment with Relationship counselling. My therapist helped me to understand the hold porn had on me and my life. Once I understood what was behind it, I was able to put some things in place and along with the support of my therapist and family, I am now able to say that porn is no longer ruling (or ruining!) my life and I feel I have been given a second chance at life. Thank you for your support.


I sought help from yourselves a few weeks ago. My relationship was on the rocks after I had an affair. The sessions helped my wife and I communicate better which meant that we could rebuild the trust that had been broken. I did not have any faith in counselling prior to this but wanted to try anything to help our marriage. I would definitely recommend Relationship counselling for anyone who needs help with their relationship


…our therapist was warm and made us feel at ease and she helped us to talk without arguing for the first time in years!