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From my own experiential experience of working at marital, intimate and loving relationships I found the interest to delve deeper into this subject. We are all so unique as individuals and its one of the most challenging aspects of bringing the two halves together and creating a healthy relationship.

We as individuals look for a connection and would like to have our needs met and to find a way to meet other’s needs. In the beginning the honeymoon period we see all the lovely things and why we love this person and want to be with them and after that there is the person who maybe was not as they we thought they were and their Foibles, past history and patterning are the things that start to irritate us. These things flag up and we feel this is not the person we knew and yet we would like to find a way to reconnect and keep the intimacy and love strong and healthy.

It’s not easy to ask for help in this area of relationships but when we are in something we cannot see the wood from the trees. I offer a space where each couple can work out and help each other to see where the relationship has broken down and work towards better things and experiences. Explore together how to move forward after things may feel like there’s nowhere to go the relationship is over.

I work on Skype, private practise and also can do one to one and then back to the couple.

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Couples counselling is a talking therapy that allows you to talk about your problems and feelings, individually or as a couple. Relationships are an integral part of life, which can bring many rewards however, it can be challenging to establish and maintain healthy relationships depending on your experiences of past relationships.

Relationship counselling can help you identify the areas of difficulties in your relationship. The key ingredient for a healthy relationship is good communication with one another, also identifying and understanding what you need from the ‘couple relationship’. If these key things are not happening in the relationship, you both can start to feel isolated and alone, which can create bad cycles and patterns of behaviours, you both can often get ‘stuck in’. It is also common when you are both feeling this way to become resentful of the other. It can feel like it is an impossible task to find your way out of the ‘stuckness’, and it can lead to feelings of ‘hopelessness’ in the relationship.

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Please get in touch if you are having relationship difficulties. This may be due to communication challenges which means that you are not being heard. It could be external factors such as conflicts with relatives or a stressful job. You may be frustrated and not even know why you are struggling to maintain a peaceful relationship. I am here to help you work through your problems and make sense of what is causing tension for you both.

We have within us an innate capacity for personal growth and transformation. Sometimes though, life gets too much for us; we feel overwhelmed by our emotions and we can’t think straight. That’s where counselling can help. Counselling can help us make sense of it all: see things more clearly, and become more at ease with the way we feel. Gradually, we may learn to accept ourselves more fully; accepting things that we can’t change, and changing the things we can.

Online Counselling

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As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and a BACP accredited psychotherapist with over 12 years experience I work with couples to understand the causes of their difficulties and rebuild love and connection in their relationships

Couples often experience a breakdown of communication, which causes a fight or flight reaction. These may become repetitive cycles of self-destructive behaviour, where anger expressed spins out of control. A loss of emotional closeness, trust and physical intimacy follows, which can lead to crises in the relationship, affairs and the threat of divorce.

Together we explore what you need, why there is disconnection and how you can achieve the relationship you want. A key to this is building open and calm communication in order to understand each other, resolve conflict and meet each other’s needs. We also focus on building greater appreciation, care and fun in order to reignite love and connection in the relationship.

Your relationship matters to us

If you are struggling with your relationship, Relationship Counselling Essex can help you to discover what lies behind your relationship issues. You will work together with your therapist to bring about the changes needed.  You may wish to talk about your relationship on an individual basis or come as a couple. From your first session, your therapist will provide expert insights and offer you an opportunity to communicate with each other in a safe and constructive way.

We have found that people have greatly benefitted from marriage counselling, as it has given them a chance to talk about things which they may not have felt able to do prior to the session.

Get in touch for help

Seeing a therapist can be a daunting prospect. Here at Relationship Counseling we ensure that the therapists are not only highly experienced but have the ability to make you feel at ease very quickly.

To book a session with one of our counselling experts contact our booking agents who will be able to help you with location and availability.

Let us help you to help yourselves.

Is your marriage in trouble?

Our skilled therapists will help you to discover what lies beneath issues within your Marriage. These can be external issues such as work, stress, differing family dynamics, affairs or an issue between the both of you, such as communication. Our experienced therapists help you to identify and understand these issues and find ways of moving forward in your relationship in a positive and constructive way.