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Hemel Hempstead, Cheshunt, Welwyn Garden City, Woburn and Aylesbury

I specialise in Relationship and Psychosexual Therapy and offer a warm and friendly space which is safe and confidential to discuss personal issues. I have been an Accredited Registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and a member of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists for a number of years. In addition I work part time for Relate as a relationship counsellor and sex therapist at 2 of their centres. I originally qualified as a general counsellor, then went on and did a 2 year post graduate psychosexual and relationship diploma.

I work with relationship difficulties such as affairs, lack of communication skills, falling out of love with each other, arguing regularly, just drifting apart etc. Also sexual issues such as painful sex, loss of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, porn and sex addiction, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, anorgasmia.

Each individual and relationship is different. Working together we strive to build better relationships, look at sexual issues if required and examine the individual/relationship holistically. Different issues can have a severe effect on your life, causing stress, anxiety, depression and other issues. It can also have a knock on effect to people around you, so we look at the problems and how to resolve them to create a more fulfilled and happy life going forward.


Stevenage, Harpenden, Luton, Flitwick and Biggleswade

I have always wanted to train as a counsellor and to be able to offer a non-judgemental approach to the people that I work with. To offer a therapeutic space for people to use and help them find out what is going on for them. Things from our past can shape who we are today. Things from our childhoods and certain traumas, can have us acting out on behaviours that can be damaging to us.

I am a very warm and friendly person and a good listener. I have a very empathic understanding and vast experiences from my own personal life. This has also shaped me to be the person I am today. Like many of you I have my own “battle scars” as I had to fight my own demons, build-up my self confidence and low self-esteem. I will encourage and facilitate a process where the couples are able to decide upon the right course of action to take. I will never judge or take sides regarding your relationship by supporting positive communication.

Counselling can help you and your partner come to your own decisions about how to progress. This might involve changing how you interact with each other, the ways you spend time together or how you deal with specific issues as a couple. In some cases this process might require ‘homework’ to be completed outside your counselling sessions. This will be unique to each couple but can take the form of topics to discuss, alternative ways of dealing with certain situations or completing a specific task together.


Potters Bar, St Albans, Edgware, Brent Cross and Ware

I am a BACP Registered Psychodynamic Counsellor working in private practice and for charitable organisations. I provide one-to-one and couple counselling in a safe, confidential space for you to be heard with empathy and respect. Current problems may stir up buried feelings from your past which can impact on relationships and I will help you to explore and understand your relationship conflicts. Our time-limited or open-ended work will allow you to work through and make sense of your difficulties by becoming aware of your defences and reasons. I enjoy working with a diverse range of clients from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds as well as from the LGBTQ community. I have experience helping couples and individuals with parenting difficulties, trauma, loss, addiction, sexual matters, depression, infertility, separation and affairs.


Watford, Rickmansworth, Kings Langley, Borehamwood

Fighting and arguing without resolution can be exhausting. As a couples therapist, I work with you to help resolve thorny issues and achieve a compromise. I am an integrative therapist which means that I blend techniques and theoretical approaches. I work from the psychodynamic concept of Object Relations; what that means is that we consider your relationship as an entity in itself. My favourite analogy is to see your relationship as a plant; if the plant isn’t watered, it withers and dies. Sometimes, if appropriate, I also utilise CBT strategies. Most importantly, I provide a safe space for you to talk and I listen – to both of you.


Watford, Golders Green & Online Counselling

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As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and a BACP accredited psychotherapist with over 12 years experience I work with couples to understand the causes of their difficulties and rebuild love and connection in their relationships

Couples often experience a breakdown of communication, which causes a fight or flight reaction. These may become repetitive cycles of self-destructive behaviour, where anger expressed spins out of control. A loss of emotional closeness, trust and physical intimacy follows, which can lead to crises in the relationship, affairs and the threat of divorce.

Together we explore what you need, why there is disconnection and how you can achieve the relationship you want. A key to this is building open and calm communication in order to understand each other, resolve conflict and meet each other’s needs. We also focus on building greater appreciation, care and fun in order to reignite love and connection in the relationship.

Relationships is what we specialise in

Every couple will be impacted by life events, a change in circumstance, job or health. It is how we deal with these events as a couple that is key. Here, at Relationship Counselling Hertfordshire, we have trained therapists to help you overcome or deal with the issues which may have been caused by these events. Their expertise and experience will help both of you to have your say and to be heard. If you feel that communication between you has broken down and you are constantly arguing as a result, our therapists will look at the underlying problems within your marriage and work with you to look at the changes needed to be able to talk and communicate with each other in a heathy and productive way.
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What to expect in a counselling session

  • A warm, approachable and impartial therapist
  • To be heard
  • To explore the underlying problems
  • Various modalities and techniques are used
  • You will learn how to communicate better
  • Mediation if the relationship is ending