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All our therapists must adhere to RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING’s criteria.  We will only refer clients to therapists that have met the following criteria:

  • We visit every therapist and their counselling rooms.
  • Fully qualified
  • Fully insured
  • To belong to a recognised governing body such as BACP or UKCP
  • To follow a strict code of conduct and ethics.
  • Highly experienced in relationship, marriage and couple counselling
  • Warm and approachable
  • Confidential and non-judgemental
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Therapy:   From Greek word Therapia meaning ‘to heal’

‘Communication is the corner stone of relationships’
‘Resentment will slowly erode the best of marriages’

‘A relationship is a living thing and needs nourishment to keep it alive’

‘It is possible to rebuild trust and be a stronger couple as a result’

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