Online Counselling

Offering you flexibility


Online Counselling offers you the choice and flexibility to have counselling in your own home.

This is invaluable if you live in a more remote area or have issues with accessing a therapist.

Our experienced Online Therapist will be able to help you to understand how your relationship has arrived to where it is today and what can be done to improve it.

As a team our aim is to make your relationship a happier and healthier one for the both of you.

Expert and convenient therapy for your relationship

If accessing a therapist is difficult, we offer Online Counselling with our expert Online Therapist.

Online Counselling has proved to be highly effective and we have received very positive feedback from our clients. To make a difference to your marriage or relationship, call us today


Online Counselling

My own experiences and time in therapy as both a client and a therapist in mental health has given me immeasurable compassion, warmth and empathy to couples experiencing difficulties to come and sit with me in comfort and safety. We often hope that when we have found that special someone that it will last for a long time. However, relationships are not always easy and difficulties may arise. The root of these difficulties often stems from one partner not feeling connected, not trusting and feeling unsafe with the other partner. As they may be unavailable or not responding to your needs to feel close or supported it can cause you emotional distress. Due to our relationship histories and the negative cycles we get into with our partners, many of us have difficulties with trust and in expressing emotions to those who mean the most to us. As a result of this we develop habit forming ways of reacting to our partners. In couple counselling I look at the relationship rather than the individual and the impact problems can have on the relationship therefore, the relationship becomes the client. Just like most things in life the relationships need time and energy to work. Therefore, as well as looking at what has happened and how the relationship is now we will also look at how you would like the relationship to be and how to move forwards. I have practiced as a counsellor and I have experience in the NHS as a therapist using Cognitive Behavioural  Therapy for relationship difficulties, anxiety and depression.

Are you lonely in your relationship?

Feeling lonely in a relationship can be really isolating for the individual. Our skilled therapists will be able to help you to discover whether this feeling of loneliness has come about through external changes in your lives or whether they have been changes within your marriage that have led to a break down in your connection as a couple.