What to expect in a counselling session?

For a lot of people, coming to counselling can feel a daunting prospect, here, at Relationship Counselling, our therapists, as well as being highly trained in couple and individual work, are able to make people feel at ease very quickly.

You may be considering coming to therapy on your own or as a couple. The first session will be spent looking at the issues at hand and what you are hoping to get from counselling. If you are a couple, you will each have an opportunity to be heard. You may look at compromises or a better way to communicate. If you are an individual, you may learn how to cope with certain situations better or look at those situations differently so that they are no longer an issue for you.

The therapist may then set you some tasks to work on at home. This is to continue the therapy process in between sessions.

The number of sessions you will require will very much depend on the issue or issues involved. A lot can be covered in one session but more sessions may be needed and this is something you can discuss with your therapist.

Counselling will help you to gain a better awareness and understanding of yourself and each other and give you the necessary tools to move forward in a happier and healthier way.


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