Is counselling on Skype or Zoom effective?

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We offer online counselling covering London and the surrounding counties through both Skype and Zoom, giving you and your partner the choice of which platform works best for you both. Online counselling offers the same confidentiality as face to face therapy. The benefit of online counselling is that it offers the same quality of support to you no matter the distance that presents itself between you and your therapist. If you are based in London or the surrounding counties, Online counselling offers you the flexibility and ease to work around you. Zoom and Skype counselling has been around for a long while now and for numerous reasons has increased in popularity. Offering more flexibility to work around you and your partners schedules wherever you are both located.

With counselling online there is both the visual and audio element which helps with the feedback from your therapist. Aiding in creating the organic conversational flow that is within in person sessions. The convenience of online counselling services enables it to be favourable for a lot of couples. It is not as restrictive as it allows you to have a therapy session in your own home of wherever in the world you are located. Whether based in London, Paris or Washington, we can help with your therapeutic needs. This is also advantageous when going through counselling as a couple as you and your partner may not always be in the same location. With online couples counselling this distance is no longer a barrier to hold you both back from having therapy and moving forward as a couple.

For some the ease of communicating to your therapist through skype/zoom creates a sense of distance which could help in discussing sensitive topics. Online couples counselling offers a high level of security so there is no need to worry about the confidentiality of your sessions. The privacy and security level is the same as any in person session would be. The predominant benefit to online counselling is that it can be catered to your individual schedules with far more ease. Overcoming many physical barriers that present themselves to us, through online counselling our therapists are able to access you from wherever you choose to be. Catering to more hours that suit you as there is no additional time period that is needed for travelling to your counselling session. Online therapy enables you to have a therapy session from the comfort of your own home and work around a schedule that suits both you and your partner. Having therapy from home gives many a sense of comfort and confidentiality. Another benefit to having counselling in your own home is that it offers you the option of communicating more freely with less shame or guilt as you are in more familiar surroundings.  

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