How to give each other space

Giving each other space at this time is an important part of keeping a healthy relationship. Christmas time can for some, be a trying time where you may feel you need to be happy/ok/positive. The lockdown can have a similar effect. There may be a sense that if you don’t ‘hold it together’, things will spiral into arguments. But by ‘holding it together’ we are not releasing any emotions or thoughts. This is where it is important for you as individuals to have the space to quietly process your thoughts and it is important for the couple to have its space from any other family members in the house too. This time can enable you as a couple to talk about your own needs and look at ways of dealing with irritations, rather than let resentment take over. Prevention rather than cure. Taking it in turns to look after the children.Having a sign outside a room to ensure you have that me time. Letting other adults know that one evening a week, you will have the living room for a couple of uninterrupted hours. Lastly, you may both find positives in voicing what your partner is doing right rather than their perceived failings.



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