Growing apart in Relationships

No matter how long your relationship has been going on, it can occur that you both begin to grow apart. This distance that begins to form between you and your partner can be triggered and enhanced by a number of different factors. As we grow older and develop our sense of self it is natural that we change as individuals. This then can have an impact on our relationships, not always a negative impact, but it will still alter our partnerships. Difficulties can arise when one partner is growing and changing a lot as time passes and the other relationship is still in the past energy. Life presents us individually with many challenges so the strongest relationships learn how to overcome them together and grow from them. If one partner is moving forward and growing and the other partner remains stagnant and against change it can cause friction in the relationship and this is where we can notice a distance form between both parties. Your partner will not always remain the exact same person as to when you started dating them. This can be a hard truth for some to face but this does not mean your relationship will fail. If your connection is strong and you both support and understand one another’s changes as you grow old and face hardships there is hope for your relationship to stand the test of time. Even if life presents you both with harsh grievances, long distance or multiple job changes it is important to remember that whilst these external factors can impact your relationship. It should not deter you from the core connection that has been established between you both and should encourage you to focus on the aspects of your relationship that has not changed. For example your similar hobbies or interests that you both still share, this can be vital in maintaining when one or both of you are going through a period of transformation. If this is something that may not be relevant to your personal situation there are many other ways to try and resolve the distance growing between you and your partner. If you are beginning to notice the growing apart it would be an important step to try and communicate this observation to your partner. This can be an unappealing task but ensuring that you are both aware of this distance growing between you will signify the first step in you both trying to heal your relationship. If you have found that this distance has impacted on your sexual relationship, this would be a key time to start prioritising your sex life. Reconnecting together in this way will massively help in healing any distance you may have felt growing. Another way is if old habits and traditions you both had together have got lost amongst other priorities you both have. Would be to create new traditions or hobbies together this can help you reconnect and spend time together whilst not distracting you both from your independent journeys of growth.

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