Getting help after a miscarriage


Experiencing a miscarriage can have a devastating impact on yourself as well as your relationship. It can feel so overwhelming that you do not even know where or how to start healing. A miscarriage is different for every woman, so it is natural to react in ways you may not have expected to.

Some of the more common reactions are feeling very low, lonely, numb, confused and even for some, feelings of guilt. Regardless of how this has impacted you this life changing experience is not something you should have to face alone. We understand that you may not feel able or comfortable to lean on those closest to you in times like these, so we can offer you the help and support you need. A miscarriage is not something that people can heal from overnight. It takes time to overcome this type of trauma. Holding onto these emotions or trying to keep face for the sake of your family and friends can cause you further pain.

Even if you find it hard to express your feelings about the miscarriage you experienced, with the right support you will be able to find the closure you need. Remember to be kind to yourself and understanding on this journey to heal. You are grieving. Whilst you may feel isolated in this experience, miscarriages are very common yet it is often kept private between the partners. Due to this lack of knowing about others who have experienced the same trauma, it could leave you feeling even more alone.

If you are feeling lonely during the time after a miscarriage it is important to break the silence and seek out support as there is plenty of help waiting for you out there. You, and your partner, are not alone in this and it is key to remember there is help here for you to heal.

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