Drugs in a relationship

It is no surprise that any form of substance abuse will have a heavy impact on a relationship. In and of itself an addiction to drugs drastically controls the individual’s life so the collateral damage that it has on family, friends, co-workers and romantic relationships is profound.

When someone is addicted to something they have little control over their own lives and therefore cannot control the impact this lifestyle has over their relationship. It is as though there are three people within the relationship: the user, their partner and the drug. Partners of those who suffer from drug addiction often suffer just as much or more than the abuser. As with any addiction it can spiral out of the individual’s control and quickly develops into an unbearable situation whereby the individual cannot help themselves anymore. This leaves an enormous pressure on their partner to help them and if there are children involved it can take a toll on the relationship you have as a parent.

Of course as with any struggle in life there is always hope, we can help you and your partner overcome the struggles you experience with drug addiction. The ripple effect that drugs have on your relationship can arise in different ways. Drugs often put a huge financial demand on your relationship, this can then lead to frequent arguments between you and your partner. These feelings of resentment and hostility just reinforce more and more overtime as the drug addiction slowly takes control over your relationship. In some instances the influence of drugs can lead to domestic abuse whether it be violent or emotional towards their partner.

Oftentimes a relationship or family that has the involvement of drugs will slowly distance themselves from their old lives. Whether it be distancing themselves from friends or their workplace or hobbies. The drug consumes their lifestyle and becomes their number one priority. When you begin to notice the influence that drugs have upon your relationship it is common for many to assume that it is just a bad phase and that they will overcome it with time.

When an addiction like this commences, especially in a time of crisis, it can rapidly spiral into a situation that cannot be easily controlled. The sooner you seek out treatment the better as it is rare for a situation involving substance abuse to be overcome with time. The inclusion of your partner in this treatment has, in many cases, proven to aid those recovering from addiction through their treatment. This is for a number of reasons, not solely so that the partner can gain a greater understanding of the situation but also to address the other issues that have developed within your relationship surrounding the drug addiction.

If the addiction itself is dealt with yet the other factors like resentment and argumentative tendencies between you both are left unresolved, there is no reason as to why these issues would cease to prevail post addiction. Therefore it is paramount to work through all problems surrounding the substance abuse. 

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