Can therapy help with trauma?

Traumatic events, whether experienced individually or together in your partnership, can be extremely impactful on you  and the relationships in your life. Trauma and its residual emotional and mental impact on us can live within us for many years. So even if it is a trauma that your partner experienced prior to your relationship, it can still bring issues within your relationship. These residual feelings look different with everyone but some of the most common are feelings of betrayal and shame. These emotional alterations in perception of either your partner or relationship can have a devastating impact on your relationship. 
For many who experience some kind of trauma there is a disturbance in the individuals sense of safety. This sudden or gradual feeling of uncertainty within oneself can spill out into your feelings towards your significant other if personal trauma is not openly discussed. Which could then lead to a feeling of lack of trust between you both. For Individuals who struggle with trauma, it can feel very lonely as many feel misunderstood or unable to talk about their feelings to others.
In itself trauma is a horrific event to experience and try and move on from without help from others. It has the power to distort someone’s perception of those they love as well as altering the individuals sense of self. Naturally this can lead to many issues of trust and self esteem which need time and healing to be rebuilt.
Another common result of trauma is anxiety, this form of anxiety can manifest itself in the form of paranoia. This can impact relationships, whether romantic or platonic, through individuals being either overly attached emotionally or too detached from those they love. There are many cases whereby post trauma the individual will isolate themselves altogether from those they used to be so close to. 
Our therapists would be able to help you to heal from the trauma. The way that the therapist would help would very much depend on the individual and the type of trauma.
All our therapists are warm and approachable making it easier to work with them and find a way forward to live a happier life.
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