How to survive lockdown – Coronavirus

These are very challenging times for everyone. As well as concerns regarding our health, there are the added stresses of job losses, financial issues and now confinement in what is for most of us, an unnatural situation of being together 24/7.
The lack of routine can be very disorientating as well as the lack of focus or direction at this time. Most people who are experiencing issues within their relationship would be able to tolerate or ignore these issues by escaping them through work, gym and other outside distractions. Now that these have been taken away, we find ourselves turning inwards to our partners.
To survive these few weeks, you may wish to consider the following points:
• Create a schedule that allows you both to have at least 1 hour of downtime each everyday.
• Try to focus on the positive of the relationship. Your partner may not help you with the chores/children/garden as much as you would like but they listened to you/changed the cats litter tray/ made you tea…
• Say ‘thank you’ and show appreciation (see above) to your partner.
• If you feel an argument starting, try to diffuse it before it starts as before you know it, you may be bringing up all the unresolved issues of the past 20 years!
• Reach out before it’s too late – we offer Online Counselling for both Individuals and Couples at this time. Our Specialist therapists will be able to help look at the issues you are facing and help you to get through them in a positive and heathy way.
Keep healthy and safe at this time!

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