Are you bored in your relationship?

Boredom is a common issue within relationships and is often overlooked. Starting a relationship can fill you with excitement with everything being new to you both there are not many dull moments to be had. Throughout a relationship it is natural to have emotional highs and lows in relation to excitement.
When in a long-term relationship, you could find yourselves in a period of emotional stagnation. With time, it is natural for this sense of excitement to plateau slightly. With the sense of familiarity between you both relationships can run the risk of becoming more predictable. Having a routine and comfort with one another could lead you to start feeling bored. Leading you to maybe want to search for interest elsewhere from your partner.
There runs a risk when thinking the solution to your boredom would be finding it outside of your marriage. It is more beneficial to deal with what issues could have presented boredom within the relationship and find solutions to how you could overcome this sense of boredom together as a couple.
You can feel trapped to the routine you both create of your everyday lives allowing this sense of boredom to creep in. Introducing spontaneity into your marriage is an easy way to break out from the routine of your everyday lives and enables you both to view one another in a different light, breaking out of the routine.
Just because it is natural to run into these periods of boredom does not mean to say that the future of your relationship is destined to end this way.
Our therapists would help you to identify why boredom has become part of your relationship and be able to work with you to find ways to reconnect with your partner and have a more exciting and fulfilling life.

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