Are your needs being met?

We all have needs. Whether it is to be heard, understood, hugged or supported, unmet needs can quickly erode the best of relationships. This can lead to loneliness, frustration and, at times, the breakdown of communication within your marriage or relationship.

When we talk about ‘your’ needs, we are looking at both partners in the relationship. Do you know what each other’s needs are? These needs can be emotional, physical, social or spiritual.

We look at life through our own ‘coloured tinted lenses’. What you see through that lens and how you interpret what you see is very much based on your upbringing and the influences in your life. To be able to understand your partner better, you may find it helpful to empathise with the way your partner sees things. Empathy is different to sympathy. It is being able to ‘step into the other person’s world’. This can lead to a better awareness and understanding of why they have their needs and how they came about.

Therapy will help you both to understand and voice what these needs are. It will also give you a space to challenge each other in a healthy and productive way so that you can both ensure that your needs are part of your relationship in the future.

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